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The benefits of professionally qualified coach and psychometric tools, when you need them at a fraction of the cost.

Plan, track and manage your entire career path from one place with your professional career coach

The fastest way to career-wellbeing, job security and satisfaction in the 4th Industrial revolution

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Your Career Buddy is a professionally qualified career coach who is passionate about helping you discover what makes you unique, what kind of work you will naturally thrive at and make you happy and fulfilled in life.


In a nutshell...

We future-proof our students for 4IR (the fourth industrial revolution) and the future world of work by matching your core strengths and abilities to the right career path. In the process, we prepare you to be adaptable and embracing of a transforming and ever-changing workplace.

Making career guidance fun!

Out with the lengthy pen and paper tests and boring career information stuff, and in with our new game-based psychometric assessments, interactive and personal coaching sessions that are accessible at anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.

Make Career Guidance Fun
Coaching on the go
Coaching on-the-go!

Our coaches are flexible to fit into any schedule at any time, to give you the ultimate, hassle-free coaching experience.

How we work

How we work
Understand The world Within

Our coaches help you to better understand yourself and who you truly are.

Understand The world WithOUT

Our coaches teach you about the ever-changing world or work, 4IR, and keep you up to date with trends and new career possibilities.


Our coaches help you find a career that will best suit you, give you the most satisfaction, but also one  that is also relevant within the 4IR.

Some Benefits of PROFESSIONAL,
ONE-ON-ONE Coaching

Career Wellbeing


Academic Performance

Levels Stress & Anxiety

Job & Study Satisfaction

Creative & Critical Thinking Abilities

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